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Subscribe from the web app

The web app lets you subscribe and publish messages to ntfy topics. For, the web app is available at To subscribe, simply type in the topic name and click the Subscribe button. After subscribing, messages published to the topic will appear in the web app, and pop up as a notification.

Publish messages

To learn how to send messages, check out the publishing page.

Topic reservations

If topic reservations are enabled, you can claim ownership over topics and define access to it:

Notification features and browser support

  • Emoji tags are supported in all browsers

  • Click actions are supported in all browsers

  • Only Chrome, Edge, and Opera support displaying view and http actions in notifications.

Their presentation is platform specific.

Note that HTTP actions are performed using fetch and thus are limited to the CORS rules, which means that any URL you include needs to respond to a preflight request with headers allowing the origin of the ntfy web app (Access-Control-Allow-Origin: or *.

  • Only Chrome, Edge, and Opera support displaying images in notifications.

Look at the Notifications API for more info.

Background notifications

While subscribing, you have the option to enable background notifications on supported browsers (see "Settings" tab).

Note: If you add the web app to your homescreen (as a progressive web app, more info in the installed web app docs), you cannot turn these off, as notifications would not be delivered reliably otherwise. You can mute topics you don't want to receive notifications for.

If background notifications are off: This requires an active ntfy tab to be open to receive notifications. These are typically instantaneous, and will appear as a system notification. If you don't see these, check that your browser is allowed to show notifications (for example in System Settings on macOS). If you don't want to enable background notifications, pinning the ntfy tab on your browser is a good solution to leave it running.

If background notifications are on: This uses the Web Push API. You don't need an active ntfy tab open, but in some cases you may need to keep your browser open. Background notifications are only supported on the same server hosting the web app. You cannot use another server, but can instead subscribe on the other server itself.

If the ntfy app is not opened for more than a week, background notifications will be paused. You can resume them by opening the app again, and will get a warning notification before they are paused.

Browser Platform Browser Running Browser Not Running Restrictions
Chrome Desktop
Firefox Desktop
Edge Desktop
Opera Desktop
Safari Desktop requires Safari 16.1, macOS 13 Ventura
Chrome Android
Firefox Android
Safari iOS ⚠️ ⚠️ requires iOS 16.4, only when app is added to homescreen

(Browsers below 1% usage not shown, look at the Push API for more info)